All About Your Favorite PITA


Welcome to my page as I am Your Favorite Pain In The Ass! I know I am a PITA and you have to take me with a grain of salt and move on. This page is to tell you a little bit about me personally. I may say a little bit, but trust me!, there will be a lot here and you will think you know me very well by the end of this page. And just watching my website, over time, you will get to know me more and more.

Personal Bio

Name: Kevin Wayne F. (I do not post my birth last name on the world wide web. Let’s face it, there is too much fraud going on out there!)

Birth date: July 23rd (If you pay attention to the postings, you may find out how old I am!)

Birth Place: Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Current Residence: Denver Metro Area

Relationship Status: Divorced. Yes, I know it sad. I still love him though.

Sexual Preference: Men, I am Gay

Sexual Identity: Male, 100% all Male

Parents: Margaret and Grover (Both still alive)

Siblings: Grover Jr, Jerry, and my twin sister Sonia

Children: None. I have always wanted one, but never made it happen. Not even adoption.

Nieces & Nephews: 5 Nieces and 1 Nephew.

There is more to come!

Check back very soon!